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Verdict for the Internet, as Law Firms stay Penny-saver Wise
May 21, 2010 comments(951)    Post a comment
As the Internet world continues to expand and transform itself, it has created an astonishing range of affordable public relations awareness for law firms.  Yet these firms are amazingly slow to exploit them.  For example, legal marketing expert Kevin Quinlan estimates that over the last 5-10 years small businesses spent nearly half of their advertising dollars on yellow page ads.
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Could healthcare’s biggest disability be their fear of viral promotions?
May 21, 2010 comments(2732)    Post a comment
Possibilities for affordable Internet health product marketing continue to emerge and to be ignored by many health care marketing firms, who have hesitated to adjust to the rapidly changing online environment.  Partly this is due to uncertainty about the upcoming revision in FDA online health care advertising guidelines. Other reasons include the prominence of physicians in healthcare (even on the business end) has traditionally been a business barrier for aggressive marketing techniques. But look for a surge when the new FDA guidelines are issued in 2010, and a substantial opportunity for healthcare products that are light on their marketing feet and ready to learn about the new landscape.
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