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Public Relations gets outsourced for increased Brand Awareness
January 13, 2010 comments(4690)    Post a comment
It has long been understood that the objective of a PR (Public Relations) firm was to rePResent a business in their brand creation, target audience engagement, and brand awareness/ distribution. The digital age has brought an increased investment to public relations & campaign management, and more and more businesses are looking to create strategy that has a strong ROI.
Tags:   Public Relations ,  PR,  Outsourcing,  Internet Marketing,  BPO


Generating Votes & Election Support through Smart Internet Campaigns
December 21, 2009 comments(4626)    Post a comment
We live in a Democracy, where “every vote counts”. So, it seems obvious that with 250 + million internet users, politicians would be utilizing the plethora of Internet Marketing tools in their campaign management, and expansion of loyal voter base. If you are a politician, or a campaign manager, here are some simple steps you need to consider, prior to your next Election
Tags:   Election,  Email Marketing,  Internet Marketing,  Political Campaign,  Vote


Google’s stepchild, YouTube, has the most social media marketing potential… experts say
December 16, 2009 comments(549)    Post a comment
Businesses & consumers have begun to embrace online videos in recent months more than ever before, with viewers reaching 168 million in September. And with the online video surge, arrives a distinct business investment splurge on video advertising. The research firm e-Marketer projects a 35 to 45% growth in online video advertising for each of the next five years.
Tags:   business marketing,  Internet Marketing,  Online Advertising,  Social Media,  YouTube


Video Advertising cuts her own umbilical cord to hit Jackpot
December 16, 2009 comments(24508)    Post a comment

It is the child of television and Internet Marketing, but surpasses either parent in ways that are sometimes surprising. Welcome to Video Advertising.

According to Comscore, 140 + American consumers tuned to “online videos” in 2009, multiplying the consumer base by 700 %. Average monthly consumption rose from 6 to10 hours, with more than 26 billion views on a given month. The facts about growing usage actually understate the promise of online video Advertising.

Tags:   Advertising,  Brand Awareness,  Internet Marketing,  Media Marketing,  Videos


Check mate on social media consumers with innovative marketing strategy
December 07, 2009 comments(2135)    Post a comment

A September 2009 survey of 5,000 moms conducted by The Parenting Group reveals that while 60% of moms have used Social Media in the last 24 hours, they are four times more likely to purchase through direct referrals, than proposals through social networks.“When it comes to influencing brand perception and purchase decisions, the data shows that Social Media still has a long way to go,” said Stephanie Molnar, Work Place Media. “Most of our meaningful recommendations continue to be old-fashioned, word of mouth recommendations from friends, co-workers, and/or family.”

Tags:   consumer trends,  Internet Marketing,  Internet Strategy,  Purchasing,  Social Media
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