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Brand Consultants & established Web Design/ Outsourcing Firm contribute to Autism as part of their non-profit outreach program.
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Brand Gurus in the New York area joined forces with established BPO-centric web design provider, DPS Technologies, to reach out yet again & contribute to an organization that is beyond deserving, “The Fay J Lindner Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities
Since forming in 2001, the Fay J Lindner Center for Autism has strived toward achieving its mission, “to be a national Center of Excellence for the development and implementation of comprehensive assessment and continuum of services for children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, their families, and the professionals who serve them.”
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DPS launches innovative property marketing tool for Realtors
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DPS Technologies recently announced the launch of a comprehensive Real Estate website solution for Agents, with advanced functions such as 100% content & image mgmt. controls (yes, including their logo!), mgmt. of property listings, mechanized consumer search analysis, and automated buyer profile acquisition, property matching, & emailing of customer(s) with a personalized list of available home listings. This inclusive Real Estate website service offers significant promise & confidence to realtors in a very bumpy Real Estate market.
DPS TechnologiesReal Estate Website solution is an affordable, user-friendly means to create a dent in the ever growing online market. A secure administrative portal, allows a realtor complete control over each section within their website(s) framework. Using this website solution does not rob the agent’s Real Estate website of originality. DPS provides a number of unique website designs, in a variety of colors, so a realtor can tailor their website to a desired flavor, matching their existing brand identity (logo). The ability to edit all content and images, allows realtors the ability to optimize their appearance & delivery as they grow to understand their online audience.
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A Logo might be your Brand Identity, but it does NOT define your Company Brand
November 16, 2009 comments(1005)    Post a comment

What is branding? …
… The goal is to make your product or business the most recognized “face” amongst competitors, to be a face known, liked, and trusted by as many consumers as possible. This involves much more than creating a logo or brand name. It’s actually a little like speed dating. First impressions mean a hell of a lot, as you have only a few seconds to appeal, & convince an audience that your business is worthy of their time. But, it is equally important to follow up this first impression with an equally convincing “brand experience”.

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“Out of the box” thinking in a real estate recession is an available necessity
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As a realtor, you work hard at selling Real Estate, especially in our infamous recession. This leaves you little time to think out of the box, or strategize new channels for home sales. However, consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for local business research, underlining the competitive necessity of having an online presence. So, how do you make sure you appreciate a strong ROI (Return of Investment)?
It’s easy! Unlike most professional services, realtors have a multitude of Real Estate marketing solutions available at their fingertips. Vendors competing for your purchase of their Real Estate marketing tools often spend $5- $10 just so you click on their website… a gamble it is.

Tags:   Agent Website,  Agents,  Brand Identity,  Business Outsourcing,  Company Brand,  DPS Technologies,  E-Mail Marketing,  Home Sales,  Investment,  Logo Design,  Real Estate,  Realtor Website,  Realtors
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